The Office of Extramural Activities/Extramural Project Review Branch will accept supplemental materials in support of a pending application in response to P01’s, P50’s, P60’s, U10, Consortia and other RFAs.
The following materials are allowed:
  • Updated biosketches of key investigators
  • Revised budget pages, justification
  • New letters of support or collaboration
  • Report of Progress since submission (This may include new preliminary data – see limitations below- a list of publications accepted or recently published. Recently published manuscripts must include a link to the full article free to the public.)
Page Limitation: (Must use Arial and font size 11 or larger and not less than 15 CPI including spaces)
  • Administrative/Support-Technical/Clinical Core/Pilot Project Core (1 page each core)
  • Research Project and Translational Components (2 pages each component)
  • U01 Research Project (2 pages)
  • U24 Administrative Resource (1 page)
  • U24 Research/Dissemination Resource (2 pages)
  • UH2 Developmental/Exploratory (1 page, new preliminary data NOT ALLOWED)
  • UH2/UH3 (1 page, new preliminary data NOT ALLOWED)
  • U01/R01 Research Project (2 pages)
  • U34/R34 Clinical Planning grant (1 page, new preliminary data NOT ALLOWED)
  • R21 Exploratory/Developmental (1 page, new preliminary data NOT ALLOWED)
Unacceptable materials:
  • New preliminary data for the individual Pilot Projects (P50/P60)
  • Corrections in the body of the application, excluding those stated above.
  • Manuscripts
  • New appendix materials
The AOR of the applicant institution should submit electronically in PDF format the supplemental materials not less than 30 days before the review directly to the Scientific Review Officer.
The PI/PDs of the ARC are encouraged to correspond with the Scientific Review Officer assigned to the application.
Updated September 2016