The Office of Extramural Activities/Extramural Project Review Branch will accept supplemental materials in support of a pending application in response to P01’s, P50’s, P60’s and U10 RFAs.

The following materials are allowed:

  • Updated biosketches of key investigators
  • Revised budget pages, justification
  • New letters of support or collaboration
  • New Preliminary Data (This may include a list of publications accepted or recently published. Recently published manuscripts must include a link to the full article free to the public.)

Page Limitation: (Must use Arial and font size 11 or larger and not less than 15 CPI including spaces)

  • Administrative/Support-Technical/Clinical Core/Pilot Project Core (1 page each core)
  • Research Project and Translational Components (2 pages each component)

Unacceptable materials:

  • New preliminary data for the individual Pilot Projects
  • Corrections in the body of the application, excluding those stated above.
  • Manuscripts
  • New appendix materials

The AOR of the applicant institution should submit electronically in PDF format the supplemental materials not less than 30 days before the review/reverse site visit.

The PI/PDs of the ARC are encouraged to correspond with the Scientific Review Officer assigned to the application.