NIAAA awards well-justified administrative supplements only when necessary to the successful conduct of a funded project and only if funds are available.  Increased funding above study section-recommended levels or outside the fiscal year funding policies generally is for items resulting from events unanticipated when the parent application originally was submitted and must not represent changes in the basic goals or intent of the project. 

The following information is for administrative supplement applications to be submitted electronically in response to the NIH Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) Number PA-12-100, Administrative Supplement to Existing NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements (Parent Admin Supp), published February 8, 2012 in the NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts:

Prior approval from NIAAA is required before submission of an administrative supplement application.  As soon as it is apparent that a grant may need additional funds, NIAAA recommends that the Principal Investigator contact the Program Official (PO) named on the parent grant to discuss the possible funding options available. If the PO deems that an administrative supplement may be considered, permission to electronically submit an administrative supplement application must be made to the NIAAA PO in writing by the grantee institution’s Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) at least 6 weeks before the submission of the application.  The NIAAA Office of Extramural Activities will send a written notification to the applicant grantee approving submission of the administrative supplement application.  Note that granting of permission to submit an administrative supplement application is not an assurance of funding.
THE PARENT GRANT MUST BE ACTIVE AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION. Non-compliant administrative supplement applications may be rejected.