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August 08, 2017
As college students arrive on campus this fall, it’s a...
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July 19, 2017
Prenatal exposure to even low doses of alcohol may lead...
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July 17, 2017

A new study led by scientists at the National Institute on...

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NIAAA Labs. 4 images made of 2 images of the brain and 2 of staff at work.


  • @NIAAAnews About 1 in 5 college students meet the criteria for #alcohol use disorder
    6 hours 22 min ago
  • @NIAAAnews Fact: More than 10 percent of U.S. children live with a parent with #alcohol problems
    1 day 6 hours ago
  • @NIAAAnews Fact: Globally, alcohol misuse is the fifth leading risk factor for premature death and disability
    2 days 6 hours ago